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Coin Collecting |

Foreign Coin Identification and Values

AH system for dating Arabic coins

Identifying the foreign and old coins requires you to have knowledge of different languages and symbols. It is a tough job which requires you to ascertain the identity of coins on the basis of parameters like language, metals used...

Silver Dollar Coin Value

The price of silver dollar coins depend on the rarity of the coins, their condition, the year of mintage, and the price of silver. When the price of silver increases, rare silver dollar coins also increase in value. Hence, there...

Rare Pennies

Anything rare is a prize catch. You become the proudest person in the world if you possess anything rare, be it an artifact or a penny. Well this article is about some rare pennies that are presently out of circulation.

How to Exchange Foreign Coins

Have you collected lots of foreign coins and don't know what to do with them? Are you considering getting them exchanged for money or giving them away for charity? Don't know how to exchange foreign coins? Well, read below for the...

Value of Old Chinese Coins

The ancient Chinese coins have a long history with different dynasties minting them in different shapes and using different materials. Determining the value of old Chinese coins should become a bit easier with the help of...

How Much Does a Penny Weigh

If you are into numismatics and need to know the weight of a penny, this article has the information you need. Here, you will find information about the US, Canadian, and English penny.

How to Start a Coin Collection

A beginner's guide to coin collection, which will help you go ahead with your newfound interest of collecting rare coins.


Foreign Coin Values

Collecting foreign coins has become a popular hobby for many people. Therefore it is important to know their value. Here we give you the factors which go into determining the value of a coin.

History of Commemorative Coins

From celebrating important events to being the pride of a numismatist, commemorative coins have been a part of human existence for a long time. These coins have their place in history as events that define mankind and its...

Value of Old Coins

Many people are aware of the value old coins have. But for some, the value of the coins is not important, as they consider the possession of the old coins more important.

How to Clean Old Coins

Cleaning of coins has to be done carefully. Old coins generally have a layer of chemical due to the oxidation process. The cleaning process involves the removal of this layer.

Coin Collecting

Coin collecting ranks among the world's top hobbies. It is the first hobby that comes to the mind of teachers who are giving ideas for students on writing an essay on 'Hobbies'. Such a popular hobby apparently does not require any...

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